Questions I get asked to research

(These were initially posted on in Summer 2007.  I’m reposting them here, as they are no longer available there.)

Hello again!
The questions most asked fall into the two varieties you mentioned.
There’s overall thematic questions–for Eloisa James’s Essex series, I did a lot of research about horse racing and horse breeding in Regency England. For Desperate Duchesses, I spent some serious time finding out about Chess in Georgian England. I write up short essays, summarizing the most useful information, and submit these to the author.

Then there’s specific questions, and these are perhaps my favorites. They (these are all hypothetical) range from “How much plumbing would a fancy bathroom have?” to “What are the politicians talking about over their port?” to “I need two neighboring churches in a medium-small town in Devon. Where were they, and what are their names?” to “Tell me some names of the debtors prisons in London.” These I respond to on a need-to-know basis.

I’ll talk about my favorite sources during the week.