Final Notes

(These were initially posted on in Summer 2007.  I’m reposting them here, as they are no longer available there.)

Well, it’s been a marvelous week. I’ve enjoyed all the questions and comments from everyone. I’ll check back over the next couple days to see if there are any more questions, comments or solutions to the final research question, before posting the answer. Congrats to all who attempted and/or succeeded on the research projects. It was really fun reading your responses, and sharing in your enthusiasm.

I have a confession to make: not only am I not an MLS librarian, but I have an expert whom I consult when I am well and truly stymied. I turn to author Carola Dunn, who lives nearby. We have a deal: I help her with word origins and usage, and buy her lunch, and she answers my headscratcher questions and corrects my shaky French translations. Carola is currently writing a series of delightful mysteries set in England in the 1920s, and also has written over 30 intriguing (and very well researched) traditional regencies now available as e-books at Carola and I were the only people in the theater, and probably in the state of Oregon, who watch the marvelous movie “Amazing Grace,” and grew noticeably perturbed at the presence of the king’s son in the House of Commons.

There’s one more web site that I’d like to share:
It’s a treasure trove of equine information, including all the winners of all the big races in England, information about all the famous British racehorses, bits about the big racing stables, and so on. There’s probaby more, such as information about racing in America, that I haven’t even found yet.

Two final notes: as a personal plea, if you have the inclination, and the health, please consider contributing at your local bloodbank. It would be a most precious gift to someone.

And finally, to all you EJ fans impatiently waiting for An Affair Before Christmas. It is well worth your wait. It is that good. I read many parts of it a dozen times, not because they weren’t perfect, but because they were utterly perfect. We are all in for such a treat.

Thanks for everything, and
Best Wishes