Going to the Cabin

September 2nd–Today was the trip through the peaceful, bucolic, rolling Canadian countryside to Linda’s cabin on Johnson Lake (Lac Johnson, on Google maps). The morning was spent packing and getting organized. Linda travels with a big cooler, which was currently quite full with goodies we’d be working on for the next few days.  Water at the cabin is pumped from the lake, but Linda bought a big refillable bottle of drinking water.


The cabin has been in Linda’s family since the 60s, and she, her brothers, their children and grandchildren always enjoy visiting and relaxing there. It’s close enough to their home, and to the big city, Ottawa, for frequent trips. Many of the other residents on the lake are also part-timers, and most of the houses are WIP’s (works in progress) as owners always have projects going to improve the premises.

These were two of my favorite curio objects in the cabin. Both were presents from Linda to her husband, Bruce, and they require no further explanation.



There’s no internet service, which makes for a peaceful visit. During our travels, we would often end up at a Tim Horton, tea for Linda, latte for me, and internet for both. And several times we parked in front of the public library in Ladysmith, which was closed, but had a sign outside displaying the internet password for the library’s server.

The night we arrived we had been invited to a dinner at a neighbor’s. We were late, but brought a bag of apricots to contribute, which were much appreciated. We were fed a delicious dinner of stuffed cabbage leaves, and even had homemade pie for dessert. But the best part was that there was a “hootenanny” going on! One of the guys (there were three couples) had an acoustic guitar, somehow hooked up to an amp. There were a couple of harmonicas, a tambourine, and a pair of bongo drums around that other, er, musicians, would play. Everybody who knew the words would shout them out. It was totally delightful. I asked for anything by Gordon Lightfoot, and he responded by playing “Did She Mention My Name?” which I had forgotten and was fabulous.

Then, a short walk down a dark street, with just nature sounds around us. I had my own room in the cabin with a heater and a soft bed. Just perfect. Good night.

A neighbor stopped by the next morning to give Linda information about the Mosaicanada, which is discussed in another post.


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