Sir Paul!

Yes! Paul McCartney and his band were performing in Cleveland while I was visiting my good friends Ann and Bob after the Road Scholar adventure. We had already found a musical event for Thursday–some German exchange students were giving a free concert at a local church, which sounded like an excellent outing. But Bob had a different plan. We call him “The Concierge” for good reason–that man, armed with just his iPhone, can get a ticket for anything or to anywhere–a few years ago he scored tickets on his lunch hour for an NBA playoff game, featuring LeBron. Yes, indeed. So I guess Paul was scheduled to perform on Wednesday at the Quicken Loans Arena (removing the bad cess from the Republican convention there,) but tickets sold so well they added a Thursday concert. And Bob got tickets at a very good price.  We could see well enough, the sound was excellent, and the jumbo-tron screen was helpful.P1020317

You’ll notice that Paul still has that cello-shaped bass guitar. I wonder how many he’s had over the past sixty years. I’m putting up more photos individually, as I want them to be really big! P1020319

He played old songs–pre-Beatle songs, lots of favorite Beatle songs, some Wings songs, and some newer things. He organized a singalong with some songs, as everyone, but everyone, knew all the lyrics, and was happy to join in. He bounced around, played the piano, and put on an excellent show. He did some solos, just, I think playing the piano, and he had the entire audience, all thousands of us, in the palm of his hand. And it was obvious how much he appreciated the attention and adulation. He was just soaking it up. P1020316

When he sang “Let It Be,” it was as hushed and reverential as a high mass at a cathedral. The audience waved whatever sources of light they had, and we all worshiped together.P1020318

And when it was over, I think we were all a little surprised that we were still in Cleveland, and it was already 2016, not fifty years earlier. P1020314

Here’s one more photo. It’s supposed to be the “Featured Image” but they haven’t been showing up, and I really want you to see it. Sorry if it’s a repeat, but you can’t have too many photos of Sir Paul.P1020315


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