August 7, 2016 Glen Sutton

Good morning! Welcome to the great escape of 2016. I am spending five days with a marvelous group of Road Scholar bicyclists exploring the (semi-)wilds of Quebec, Canada and bordering areas of the US.

It started on Saturday, August 6, with a best-forgotten series of airplane flights that eventually got me to Montreal’s Trudeau airport. No sign of Justin Trudeau, with or sans shirt.  Had time to do Sudokus, read my mystery, and watch the people. Montreal is a far more cosmopolitan city, with lots more interesting residents and visitors than I had imagined.  By afternoon, I was keeping an eye on the supposed meeting place, and eventually some likely suspects showed up. There ended up being five of us, three from Florida, and another representative of Oregon, when Joy from the Lodge at Glen Sutton showed up to take us chez elle.

So here we are. This started life as a schoolhouse around the turn of the 20th Century, and became a private house in the 1950s when the population had declined to the point of not being able to support a school in the area. It has since been converted to the Lodge, from which Steven and Joy operate bicycle tours, and when climate change permits, skiing outings.Here’s a couple more photos of the building:


Elaine, retired and living in Florida, and I first realized how simpatico we were when we squabbled over who would get more carsick if not allowed to sit in the front seat of the car. Elaine won. Then we found we were roommates in this interesting building (just part of the ground floor. There’re other inhabitants elsewhere in the building.). Joy reports that it began life as a barn also at the beginning of the last century, and the top floor was the hayloft. P1020213

Neither of us wanted a roommate, but we survived the first night admirably.

We also ate very well. I’m trying to avoid photographing food, but this salmon loaf definitely earned its own photo. The lemon meringue pie didn’t last long enough for a photo, but trust me, it was utterly fabulous. We had stopped at the liquor store on the way to the lodge, but didn’t crack open any of our offerings. I’m sure we will tomorrow.P1020220

After dinner, we took our decaf into the lounge and got to know each other. It’s, as Road Scholars always are, an interesting and entertaining group. We each said a little about ourselves, and the most important offering was that most folks didn’t really like pedaling up hills. We will regret these words in the near future. From then, to bed in our little chalet. Good Night.


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  1. Dear Zeca, You are awesome! You write well and once again, this is fun reading from your travels. keep me on your mail list, and have a great trip, Teddy

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