Great News about Nina Rowan

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This is Nina Rowan waving to you from her improvised desk. I began working with Nina in the spring of 2009. She asked me to do some very interesting (and challenging) research, then asked me to edit her manuscript. Nina has a smooth, polished writing style that packs a wallop of emotion, and a magical command of  images and metaphors. wow. What a treat it was. We worked on several drafts, did some major changes, and it was so rewarding to watch this wonderful story emerge, like excellent bread dough in the hands of a master baker (Nina’s images are MUCH better than that. ) Nina signed with super-agent Kim Witherspoon in 2010, and Kim arranged a three-book deal with Grand Central Publishing last year. So! Yes! Success

A Study in Seduction is scheduled for publication this September. I couldn’t be more excited. Here’s a wonderful trailer for the piece, which also shows the sexy cover. Wow! And it couldn’t happen to a more deserving book.

oh, and even more fun! The hero has four siblings, and Nina plans to give each of them their own book. I can’t wait to see what happens next with this amazing family.