Regency Hero 2

As you might know from another post or two, I am a total Il Divo fan. Just love those boys. But they haven’t come out with an album for almost three years. There is an album coming out later this year, but it’s been a long vacation for them, and a difficult wait for their fans. The American Divo, David Miller, has spent his free time wisely. He married his long-time sweetie and occasional singing partner, Sarah-Joy Kabanuck, in August, 2009. And he’s still singing. Here’s a photo of him as Tamino, the delightful hero of Mozart’s The Magic Flute, which he’s performing with the Michigan Opera Theatre in April. I almost had my friend Ann in Cleveland talked into taking a road trip to Detroit to see him, but reality intruded, including the fact that I’m stuck in Oregon.

Tenor David Miller and soprano Katherine Whyte in Michigan Opera Theatre's "The Magic Flute."

The lucky soprano is Katherine Whyte. Isn’t he gorgeous? ahhh! And he sounds as good as he looks.


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