Tracey Devlyn

Last year, author Tracey Devlyn asked me to help her with some research. She had a group of international spies she was trying to find a home for, either in the War Office or the Foreign Office. We spent quite a bit of time digging around, and found Elizabeth Sparrow’s book Secret Service: British Agents in France 1792-1815 and a couple of Sparrow’s articles on the same subject (annotated in my History Resource section.) Tracey decided she’d have her rascally group of British agents working out of the Alien Office, the historic hush-hush command center for British spies in Revolutionary and Napoleonic France. It was totally fascinating, and I could see how wonderfully this would work in a romance. Which, of course, left me very curious to see how Tracey wove this intriguing information into her story. So I was totally pleased when Tracey asked me last month if I would help her with A Lady’s Revenge, her first book chronicling the operations of Nexus, a clandestine group committed to thwarting Napoleon’s dreams of empire. “Romancing History, One Defiant Woman at a Time” is the irresistible series tagline on Tracey’s website.
My professional, restrained, response to Tracey’s invitation was, basically, “GIMME!!! Toute de Suite!” Tracey obliged, and I am very pleased to report that A Lady’s Revenge is an excellent book. Tracey has assembled an amazing collection of characters, and is letting them tell their stories in true page-turner fashion. Tracey also has a profound knack for exquisite poetic images, though I can’t tell you my favorite because it’d be a spoiler. Too bad. You’ll just have to read the book, which is due for publication next April. You’ll be glad you did.
In addition, Tracey has invited me to blog at Romance University later this summer. I’m already pondering what I’ll write about. I know it will include something about my oldest reference book, which is 200 years old this year. Stay tuned.


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