Stefanie Sloane

I am totally pleased to announce that Stefanie Sloane has asked me to work with her. Stefanie, who has a very interesting background as an early Amazon employee, won the Romance Bookseller of the Year Award in 1999, as presented by the New York chapter of the RWA. Now, she’s switched from selling other authors’ romances to writing them herself.

Stefanie has written a trilogy with the series title Regency Rogues. Scheduled publication dates are May, June, and July, 2011, which means Major Panic Time for us now. Right Now. Stefanie is delightful to work with–having someone in the same time zone  is an added bonus–and I love the wonderful vintage Regency flavor of her books. (She used the word “epergne” correctly–haven’t run across that since the trad regencies of the 80s. )

Stefanie has already provided me with what might be my favorite testimonial: “Your brain is an impressive thing.”

And as an added inducement, Stefanie has offered to buy me up to three drinks–one for each book–at next year’s RWA convention–she’ll be the one sporting a shiny new published author’s badge. How can I resist?