May 4-5, Roadtrip Cleveland

Ann and I have spent the past two days tootling around, doing the kind of touristing stuff that residents never get around to on their own. We’ve gone for long walks, tried various restaurants, and spent our evenings watching the old BBC Pride and Prejudice with David Rintoul as Darcy. Much debate has resulted, with me thinking he’s an utterly divine Darcy, and Ann less impressed. She’s going to watch the Colin Firth P&P next, while reading the book about making the movie. It has a wonderful essay by Mr. Firth talking about Darcy’s character and motivation, and I found it most helpful while watching the dvd.

We made a roadtrip to Hudson, stopping at the Main Street Cupcakes, and had to buy a boxful. I’m having my last one for breakfast. We stopped at the Learned Owl Bookshop and I HAD to buy A Rather Lovely Inheritance by C. A. Belmond because the narrator is, of all things, a historical researcher.  How often does that happen? It looks like perfect airplane reading, as I’m almost through with Universe of Stone: A Biography of Chartres Cathedral.

 We also stopped at the Western Reserve Academy,  originally the oldest college in Ohio (founded in 1826,) now a prep school. We went to my favorite places to visit, the chapel and a very old graveyard. Look for the photo of the man who had been a drummer in the Revolutionary War. It has some associations with John Brown, and a history of involvement in the Underground Railroad and anti-slavery movement.

We also went to the Cleveland Museum of Art. It’ s a huge place, though we were told only 30% of the collection is currently on display, as they’re in the middle of a massive remodel/expansion project. We didn’t have much time, but I really enjoyed their special display on Native American art. The museum is the sort of place that takes many visits to really see all the wonders there; I hope for a longer visit next time. We also stopped by the Botanical Gardens, which explains all the butterfly photos that you’ll find. There wasn’t a lot blooming at the moment, but the roses were just starting to come out, and some of the themed gardens are just lovely.

A huge thunderstorm blew over Cleveland last night, with flashes of lightning and lots of booming, an intriguing contrast to Lizzie Bennet’s chatterings. And, by the way, Reader, she married him.


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  1. Thank Goodness. (Very cool note on the drummer/relative of John Brown)

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