May 2-3, Cleveland

It’s getting closer to departure time! I got an e-mail from Air France wanting passport and destination information, but the response form asked for entirely different information. Bureaucracies can be trying, whatever the language.

Yesterday was the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame/Museum for Jesse and me. We had a wonderful time. I’d been there before, so wandered among the exhibits, listening to songs, looking at photos, marveling at how TINY the performers must have been whose costumes were displayed. (I was also thinking that some of the costumes required a lot of courage, but also a lack of self-consciousness.) My most amazing discovery was that George Harrison had a really beautiful singing voices. He didn’t sing lead often, and one tends to fixate on John and Paul, but the snippet of George singing “My Sweet Lord” was amazing. The other, a slightly dismaying observation corroborated by another middle-aged couple, was that we knew all the words to almost every song that was mentioned. No wonder there’s no room in my brain for new information: it’s full of the lyrics of every song written in the 60s. I highly recommend a visit to the museum, or, better, several visits. It’s a fascinating view of 20th Century America from a most intriguing and entertaining slant. And you’ll be dancing when you leave.

Today was focused on getting Jesse to the airport, and I’ll draw the curtain on the various dramas and traumas involved in getting one young man, armed with food and reading materials, and with all his paraphernalia properly packed, within weight limits, delivered to the airport well before departure time. Mission accomplished. whew. I miss him already, but his father is waiting eagerly at home, ready to pounce as soon as he’s in the doorway.

Ann drove me around Cleveland. We went to Lake Erie, and of course I had to dabble in the water. People collect “Lake Glass,” which are bits of glass, in the water for decades/centuries, smoothed and polished. I’ve included a photo of what we found. It’s used in various crafts; last year a jeweler had the patience to find matching bits of glass to make lovely earrings. We also had a mammoth lunch at “Melt,” a hugely popular cafe in Lakewood, a town near Cleveland, and there’s a photo of my lunch (FYI, I couldn’t finish it.)

I have been trying to take photos of Felix and Ivan, Ann’s big tuxedo cats. They are total scamps and busily put on the Cute Show everytime I’m not near my camera. When I have the camera, they’re boring.


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  1. Will you help us get on a plane on time with related paraphernalia in tow, next time we travel? You’d need something heavier than a curtain I fear.

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