Courtney Milan

Courtney Milan sent me an e-mail the other day and mentioned, among other things, that her Christmas novella, This Wicked Gift, was a finalist for a RITA in its category.  I am absolutely thrilled, though I confess I’m not a bit surprised. Gift was the first manuscript that Courtney and I finished working on together. I fell instantly in love with the hero, referred to him only as WQW, and kept suggesting he remove more clothing, or that Courtney should furnish his house a little better. The drafts, the notes, the e-mails, the research, the whining (my part) the reasoned explanations (her part) were so much fun for both of us, along with our utter satisfaction with the final product.

And I’m so glad her readers agreed. It was wonderful to see WQW show up again in Proof by Seduction, still handsome, wise, prosperous, and very happily married. Maybe I can talk Courtney into writing sequels for WQW’s promising young sons.


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