Voyage to France

I am beyond excitement to announce that I will be leaving next week for a totally extraordinary trip to France. I will first travel to Cleveland, to visit a dear friend and collect my son from college. Then, off to France.

I will be staying with Eloisa James for a few days. Despite our long association, we have met only once in person, and that years ago, and only spoken on the phone one time. It will be wonderful to spend a few days with her, and see the Paris that she’s come to know and love so well during her stay there this past year. A few days won’t be enough for me to visit everything I hope to see, but I plan to use my time very judiciously. I majored in medieval history in graduate school, so finding myself in an epicenter of medieval art, architecture, culture and history will be absolute nirvana.

Then I’m off to Chartres for a few days on a private pilgrimage to the magnificent Chartres Cathedral. I will be staying in a little hotel  located very close to the cathedral. Chartres is not a large town, and is totally dominated by the cathedral, so all my exploring will be centered around that. And I will be totally on my own, which, for a few days, I find a great way to travel. I am not a religious person, but a visit to this Gothic masterpiece will be an almost overwhelming spiritual experience.

Then I’m off to join a tour of Southern France sponsored by Exploritas, formerly Elderhostel. There will be lectures, demonstrations, wine-tastings, museums, and other delights. I haven’t visited this area of France before, and hope it will be the first of several visits. I’m not quite sure where we’ll be staying or what we’ll be seeing, but I will faithfully describe all the wonders I’m enjoying. I’m especially famous for photos of magnificent meals.

I will be taking beaucoup photos of my journey. My website genius Annie has promised to put a link on my website to my photobucket account for the trip. I will (promise) write daily posts about my activities, and you will be able to both read about and see photos of my adventures.

Please join me for the journey.


Courtney Milan

Courtney Milan sent me an e-mail the other day and mentioned, among other things, that her Christmas novella, This Wicked Gift, was a finalist for a RITA in its category.  I am absolutely thrilled, though I confess I’m not a bit surprised. Gift was the first manuscript that Courtney and I finished working on together. I fell instantly in love with the hero, referred to him only as WQW, and kept suggesting he remove more clothing, or that Courtney should furnish his house a little better. The drafts, the notes, the e-mails, the research, the whining (my part) the reasoned explanations (her part) were so much fun for both of us, along with our utter satisfaction with the final product.

And I’m so glad her readers agreed. It was wonderful to see WQW show up again in Proof by Seduction, still handsome, wise, prosperous, and very happily married. Maybe I can talk Courtney into writing sequels for WQW’s promising young sons.