A nice way to start the holiday weekend.

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Courtney Milan wrote this about me:

Franzeca is thorough, intelligent, and well-informed.  She is like a one-woman army of research assistants, and she comes equipped with an exhaustive knowledge of historical times, an unerring sense for period language, and a copy-editor’s feel for smooth prose.  She is a perfectionist, and her painstaking work has saved me from myself a thousand times.  The world would be a dark and scary place without Franzeca to help me light my way.”

Spare my blushes!  She was equally a joy to work with.

I’m working on Courtney’s new novel. It features some of the characters in Proof by Seduction, and it is an amazing book, pushing boundaries and bending rules in astoundingly effective and original ways . I even had to sneak a peek at the end because I couldn’t stand the suspense. I never do that; I never have to read the ending first. But I did this time. It is that good.

Do look for her upcoming novella, “This Wicked Gift”, October 1st, 2009 .  More on her website at http://www.courtneymilan.com/