A Regency Harvest Celebration

October 6:  Last  Saturday night  I attended a Regency Harvest Celebration in Eugene. I was accompanied by fellow editor Jo-Jo and my neighbor Rene, and we all wore our closest approximations of Regency finery. The fete was organized by the Oregon Regency Society, and was just fantastic. There was a wonderful dinner with autumn fruits, turkey, quiches, delicious cheeses and rich desserts, enough to delight the most jaded palate. I understand that one gentleman was responsible for all the cooking, and he did an amazing job. The chairs and tables were all swathed in white linen and studded with silver candelabra. Some genius had assembled a huge collection of china dishes in a glorious multitude of patterns. It was simply magic.

There was dancing after dinner, ably directed by members of the Rose and Thistle,  a local  English and Scottish Dance organization. They had offered a dance boot camp on Saturday morning, which JoJo and I and other neophyte dancers attended. We tried to learn, and remember, enough steps to help us survive without embarrassing ourselves. So we were eager to take to the floor and work off our dinner, and perhaps see if Mr. Darcy would make an appearance. A gracious gentleman in a kilt and a head set walked us through the dances, and called out the steps until we all, literally, found our feet in the dance. This particular dance group meets regularly through the year, offering classes and dances, and we are looking into some more chances to dance like it’s 1811.

Perhaps the best part of all the celebration were the costumes. Many partygoers had gloriously authentic costumes, and looked simply wonderful. Two young men, probably in their late teens, were dressed as well as any extra in a Jane Austen film. They even had what we called “Mr. Collins” hats.

Jo-Jo took photos of the event, and you can access them through this site.

Here’s the link for the Oregon Regency Society:


They will be posting photos, too, as soon as possible


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