Final Research Project

(These were initially posted on in Summer 2007.  I’m reposting them here, as they are no longer available there.)

Okay! All you nascent researchers are so clever that I’ll give you another project to research. And this time, I’ll give you No Clues!

So I found this fascinating story when I was researching horseracing for EJ’s Essex Sisters (a clue already!) It’s the account of the first sanctioned horse race between a female jockey and a professional male jockey. The woman wore skirts and rode sidesaddle, and won! (another clue!)

PM me for a clue, if you wish. You can ask one small thing: I may or may not answer you. PM your answer, too. It’s all on the net, in several places. I’ll give the full account sometime tomorrow. Perhaps.

Prizes, you say? Bragging Rights. And a great story to share.

Have fun.


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