Next research project

(These were initially posted on in Summer 2007.  I’m reposting them here, as they are no longer available there.)

Franzeca -you put it very succiently (succinctly–ed.) (spelling?) – when researching it really is in how you ‘frame the question’. You’ve worked in a public library for 20 years? Wow! That’s one of my favorite places. What was the most interesting research project you’ve had to tackle?”

There’s an incredibly bright librarian at my library (truth in disclosure, I don’t have an MLS.) But he knows just about everything, and even worse, is perfectly nice about it. About once a year, I manage to find an answer that’s stumped him, or at least get to the answer before him. And I cherish the moment for the next year, and my next rare victory.

He wasn’t here for this triumph, but was clueless when I told him the question. I happened to remember the book, and the name, that answered this. Now you give it a try. Maybe you should write the answer as a spoiler, in white font that has to be highlighted to be read, so others can still search on their own.

(real question) On whom did Defoe base his story of Robinson Crusoe? And what book would you recommend on the subject?
(Bonus points if you manage not to use “Robinson Crusoe” in your search.) (And no points if you don’t have a book title.)

Do you have any questions you want this amazingly bright, intuitive group to tackle? Is there some stickler in your WIP that you need us to work on? Can we practice our research skills for your benefit?


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