Welcome to my website

Let me tell you about myself.

I have the best job in the world.

As a literary research assistant, I can indulge my twin passions: history and writing.
While I work primarily on books with Georgian or Regency settings, my career as a librarian has prepared me to research any setting, any time period, any location.

I can help you select the proper carriage for a dowager, compose an authentic menu for a dinner for the Prince Regent, furnish a duke’s bedroom (in London or his country estate) or arrange an elopement to Gretna Green. Working with you on your manuscript would be a welcome opportunity to expand my knowledge of medieval Northumbria, or frontier Colorado, or trendy Long Island!

I can also check your spelling and grammar, catch anachronisms, and copy edit your manuscript. I can be that “other pair of eyes” to suggest changes and improvements that will polish your story and make it even more appealing to readers, editors, and publishers.

I have developed this business over the past eight years, working with award-winning, best-selling authors, and authors preparing their first book for publication.  I have worked on more than twenty-five books, as well as short stories, extra chapters, and web postings. I can assist you with research while you’re writing, and with fact-checking when you’re done. My job is to help you finish your manuscript using fascinating details and historical touches that will make your romance irresistible and unforgettable.

It is, I repeat, the best job in the world. I have no set hours, no commute, and no dress code. There’s a resident cat, an unlimited supply of tea, and a garden for refreshment and reflection. Won’t you join me there?

Franzeca Drouin

Additional references available on request. Please contact me for rates and terms of service.


6 Responses

  1. Great website – wonderful welcome/ introduction.
    Wish I was an author in need of a researcher/ editor!

  2. Please can you supply me with a Mr Darcy emerging, linen shirt clinging, from a manly swim in an idyllic lake on a picturesque June day in the glorious English countryside? I can travel there very easily.

  3. Jo Bourne told me about you – it DOES look like the best job in the world! Penguin has just picked up my first 2 novels, set in 18th century Scotland & colonies, so I know the labour of constantly researching details. Sadly, I have absolutely no librarian or research experience, so I fly by the seat of my pants on that, but I really enjoy it, too. Sure hope I’m getting some things right! I recently opened my own editing business and am really enjoying that experience.

    Anyway, I just thought I’d pop by and wish you all the best. Nice to meet a sort of kindred spirit. 🙂

  4. Pfft.. It’s me, Joy – the dalmatian. 😛

    Just sneak a peek and snooping around your domain. Wow! Zeca, I think I just stumbled upon a well of fantastic research & knowledge of old here. Fabulous! 😉

  5. Zeca, I just love your blog. Thank you for sharing. Please e-mail me, I have something for you to change.

  6. Congrats to all Drouin’s worldwide…..Franzeca your long lost cousin wins gold…..first Canadian to win a gold medal in the high jump in 84 years…..cool, elegant, classy with ice in his blood., calm and collected….know you will be toasting your brethren with a glass of cider (maybe bubbly) this P.M…..were you aware that you have Olympic potential in your DNA????
    Love your website by the way…..you are a fine writer! All the best in your future projects…..hope we see you again in the Glen!
    Most Sincerely,
    Joy and Stephen

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